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수목원은 종로구 혜화동에 위치한 다식성 디자인 스튜디오다.
김재하와 심형준이 운영하며 그래픽 디자인과 텍스타일 디자인을 중심으로 작업 영역을 넓히고 있다.
수목원이라는 이름을 하나의 라이프 스타일로 제안하는 것을 모토로 삼는다.
Plantarium is a plant-like graphic design studio founded in 2018 by Jaeha Kim and HyungJun Shim.
Focusing on graphic and textile design, the studio sprouts and grows widely.
Based in Seoul, Plantarium associates with artists, merchants, publishers, theaters, curators, etc.
and tries to suggest a way to make people’s life sound and clear.


→ [JK] BA in Surface Design Sungkyunkwan University, 2012~2018
→ [HS] BA in Philosophy & AMSE Sungkyunkwan University, 2010~2017

Work Experience

→ Design studio ‘plantarium’ founded 2018
→ ‘2350press’ founded 2017
→ Freelance graphic designer 2015~present


→ 100 FILMS, 100 POSTERS JIFF, 2018
→ 25H LAUNDRY BA Exhibition, SKKU, 2017
→ 100 Daughters 10 Mothers Typojanchi 2017—Mohm, 2017
→ Hangul Patch Hanul 16th Exhibition, Hanul, 2016


→ Hangul Typography Magazine «2350» 2017


→ Myology of Graphic Designer 2018